I Miss You Good Evening SMS

The hardest feeling of being in love is missing the beloved person. Its neither easy to overcome nor to tolerate. To console your feelings, here we brought you the appealing and most attractive collection of Good Evening SMS images to share with your beloved person, girlfriend/boyfriend, crush, love, parents, sister/brother and anyone whom you are missing right at the moment via online sites.

    You know it's true love when you can't live without each other. I love you truly. Good evening, babe. Miss You

    It gives me peace to know the one I love loves me too. Good evening, dear.

    My heart always leaps for joy when I see you and it sings joyful songs when I'm around you. Good evening, beautiful. Miss You

    I like the look in your eyes when you are listening to me. It shows me I am important to you. Good evening, angel.

    You are my inspiration and my hero. I will celebrate you any and everywhere. Good evening, dearest. Miss You

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    Fairy tales sound so interesting when it's the story of you and me. Good evening, babe.

    You are a rare gem and a special human being, that's why I'm never letting you go. Good evening dearest.

    I know we are not yet married and yet to take the vow but 'till death do us part' is already real to me. Good evening, dear. Miss You

    Thank you for all the times you have been there for me even when you didn't have to. I appreciate you. Good evening, my beloved.

    When the going gets tough, just look beside you, be sure that I will be by your side. Good evening, angel.

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