Good Evening Sexy SMS

Romantic good evening greetings can boost the flavor in one's love life. Summing up the whole day with the intimate evening wishes images and quotes would make your girl to feel the sensational touch at the end of her day. Make use of these below-given wallpapers and e-cards with Good evening sexy SMS to greet your wife or girlfriend in a romantic way.

    One half of the world is sleeping while the other half of the world is also awake. But whether I’m awake or asleep, I still love dreaming of you and this is how I know you light up my world. Good evening.

    Given another life to live, I would still choose to be with you for eternity this is because I can only find peace, joy and love while in your arms, I love and cherish you. Good evening.

    You are most definitely an endangered species on earth today. Whooohoo! I have been the biggest catch here and am forever grateful to have you. Good eve!

    Always try to end your sweetheart's day with a smile by adding some flavor of romance in her evening time. Just download and update these happy evening messages and e-cards in your status or dp to wish your sexy lady in a most passionate and romantic way.

    You may call me selfish or self-centered, but if this is the price I have to pay to keep all your love from other then I would gladly do so. Good evening Love.

    I hope our bond always remains as beautiful and magnificent as the scenic sunset. Good evening.

    I am reminded that friends like you are the reason why there is never a sunset in my life’s happiness. Good evening.

    As the sun sets in the sea today, may it take away all your worries and troubles away. As it rises from its bay tomorrow, may it bring you the promise of a life without sorrow. Good evening.

    My wish and hope is that this beautiful types of twilight permeate a generous doze of happiness in our life. Good evening love.

    Cupid must be the other name for my evenings because my romantic dates always start in the evenings with you. Good evening sweetheart.

    The alluring rays of the beautiful evening setting sun is a quick reminder to me that you are my one and only; my number one. I love and cherish you.

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