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A rich collection of good evening messages, sms, wishes and images to share with your close buddy. Distance can separate the people but nothing can create a gap in relationship when both the person holds the grip. Wish your friend for a good evening using our Good Evening Images and greetings build under the tag name "True Friend".

    True friend is the best asset to hold for life. Stay in touch with your bestie all the time. And evening is the best time to begin a chit chat conversation with your friend. Share these attractive and colorful good evening sms, images through any social media pages to wish your Bestie. All these images are available for personal non-commercial purposes.


    You may have started poorly or in a little way, but you know what? The end will be quite different and incomparable to the beginning. Good evening, my friend.

    I absolutely believe that the angels are all at work all because of you this evening. Guarding you, making sure you don't hit your leg against a stone. Good evening, dear friend.

    I don't know what I would have done, had it been I never had a true friend who stands to correct me and gives me genuine advice. Good evening, friend.

    I was thinking about how life would be if everyone was as easy going and loyal as you are, you're indeed my true friend. Good evening to you my ever abiding friend.

    I have found a true friend in you. You're not just my gist partner or playmate, you're also my wise confidant. Thanks for giving me listening ears. Good evening, dear friend.

    Perhaps, you tried it today and it didn't work out. Tomorrow is another opportunity on its own. Don't give up. Success comes to those who never look back. Good evening, my true friend.

    Without you, I'll have no one to laugh with or share good moments with. Thank you for making great memories with me, the ones that we can't forget. Good evening, my pal.

    The morning and the day is to work hard while the evening is to rest. Do have a pleasant rest this evening. Good evening, my jolly good fellow.

    How did your day go? If it was good, be grateful and if it was bad, make sure you learn some lessons. Good evening, bestie.

    You've been working all day. It's time to take some rest, in fact, make sure you equally rest your mind, let it be at peace. Good evening, hardworking friend.

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